6 Apartment Decorating Tips

1. Hang Wall Art

White walls can undoubtedly be boring, but adding frames and paintings give a finished look to any room. Not only does wall art cover bland walls, but it also shows your individuality and makes your apartment feel more like home. Pick one large portrait, use stick-on wall decals, or create a collage of family pictures through the years – whatever you do, make use of your wall space!

2. Change Up the Lighting

Lighting is one of many apartment essentials, and the type of light fixtures you choose play a major part in setting the mood of a room. Experiment with floor lamps versus desk lamps, different colored bulbs, and new globes or lampshades to figure out what works best for your space. Additional lighting will brighten up any area and the kind of lamps and fixtures you pick will give your place the spark of personality it needs.

3. Try Using Contact Paper

Not only is contact paper removable, it is also versatile. You can use it to make peel-and-stick decals, borders, and accents on walls, or you can use it to revamp furniture. Contact paper can also be painted on so it is the perfect alternative to create the chalk wall of your dreams, while not damaging your walls.

4. Freshen Up Your Space with Plants and Flowers

Plants can make an area go from drab to fab, simply by the natural colors and positive energy they bring to a space. The extra oxygen provided by foliage is great for your health, and the vibrant colors and fresh scent of flowers are bound to pep up your mood. Use window boxes to start your own mini-garden, or turn an unused ladder into a vertical plant holder for added color in any room.

5. Move Your Furniture

The layout of a room can transform your space. Sometimes, adding more life to a room is as simple as rearranging furniture or finding a few pieces that tie the room together. If a new furniture arrangement isn’t cutting it, add color by painting old furniture in a bright color that contrasts the room’s theme. Every furniture item doesn’t have to be yellow or pink, but even one little pop or color makes all the difference.

6. Colorful Linens

Neutral walls should not keep you from decorating a space, as you can purchase vibrant linens for a beautiful contrast that make your room feel like you. Curtains, bedding, and rugs are easy additions in any apartment, whether you are looking to add color and personality, or want to cover up flooring or carpeting the apartment came with. Curtains and rugs will cozy up any space, while bedding will show off your style and add color to a room.