Get a fresh start to the New Year, Get rid of bedroom clutter and you’ll sleep better tonight, guaranteed.

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one or two of the following twelve items in your bedroom. You might even have all of them, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of; belongings tend to accumulate seemingly on their own. You may be intending to get rid of them “one of these days,” or you might have pushed their existence to the back of your mind. But it’s hard to relax and sleep well in a room filled with clutter.

Why not carpe diem and get rid of these items today?

Uncomfortable Shoes

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. The pumps that make your toes beg for mercy, the worn-out running shoes, the sandals that rub blisters on your heels… it’s time to get rid of any shoes that hurt, that are worn, stained or damaged beyond repair, or that are simply no longer suited to your lifestyle. Your feet will thank you.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Sure, those pants will fit perfectly once you lose 20 pounds. But hanging onto clothes in the hopes that they will one day fit again is generally an exercise in futility, and a source of shame every day that you open your closet door only to see them hanging there. Instead, pack up any ill-fitting garments and drop them off at the nearest Goodwill. Then, when you DO lose those 20 pounds, treat yourself to something new and stylish. You deserve it.

Outdated Accessories

Left to their own devices, accessories seem to multiply and divide without limit.

However, there IS a limit as to how many pairs of mittens you need, or how much drawer or closet space should be devoted to belts, scarves, hats, and the like. If the back of your dresser drawers still harbor leg warmers, neon tights, waist-wide belts, or oversize plastic geometric jewelry, it’s time to bring your accessory collection into the 21st century.

you haven’t worn an accessory in years, add it to the Goodwill bag. You’re not going to miss it, we promise.

Odd Socks

No one knows for certain where individual socks disappear to, but they leave behind lonely mates. It’s reasonable to hang onto single socks for a week or two in case the missing culprit reappears, but beyond that, the lone socks are just taking up space in your drawer. Toss all those lonely socks into your rag box and use them for household cleaning.

Wire Hangers

You don’t have to be Joan Crawford to hate wire hangers. They don’t give much support to clothing shoulders and leave creases on your pants. Toss your wire hangers, and instead, invest in a set of matching plastic or wooden hangers. Not only will your clothes thank you, your closet will immediately look more organized and appealing.

Collectibles You Don’t Love

The owl-shaped alarm clock from Aunt Mildred. The bowling trophy you won in fifth grade. Bedrooms should be home only to those items you truly love, so if yours is harboring collectibles that are past their glory days or never were your favorites to begin with, it’s time to get rid of them. Add unloved accessories to your Goodwill bag. You’ll immediately feel more free.

Lumpy Pillows

Pillows don’t last forever. In fact, as a general rule, pillows should be replaced once a year, particularly if they cannot be washed in hot water. If you are sleeping on a lumpy, broken-down pillow, you’re not only leaving your head and neck without proper support, you are also exposing yourself to an overgrowth of dust mites, bacteria, fungus, and other unpleasant allergens. If you fold your pillow in half and it doesn’t return to its original shape; it’s lumpy, it’s odorous, or it is heavily stained; treat yourself to a new pillow and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Worn Bedding

Are you sleeping on threadbare, torn, or pilled sheets? Or covering yourself with a comforter that saw its heyday decades back? Nothing sets the style of your bedroom like your bedding, so if yours is proclaiming that your style is “Can’t be bothered to treat myself to anything nice,” go for a whole new look and buy a set of quality sheets and a pretty duvet or comforter that suits the real you.

It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your bedroom a makeover.

Ugly Lampshades

Even the most attractive bedside lamp loses a lot of its appeal when topped by a yellowed, fraying, or torn lampshade. Replace a torn lampshade with a colorful new shade, or give a yellowed lampshade a new lease on life by painting it, dying it, or even covering it with decoupage.

Excessive Throw Pillows

Two or three throw pillows are perfect. Five or more throw pillows are overwhelming. If your bed is drowning under the weight of all your toss pillows, winnow the collection down to your favorite three, and donate the rest, or re-home them on the living room couch.

Old Magazines

Curling up in bed or in your reading chair with a favorite magazine is a treat. Looking at a teetering pile of old magazines on your nightstand is not. Get rid of magazines you’ve already finished, and move the rest into a magazine holder or bookshelf.

Dirty Dishes

One plate left from last night’s bedtime snack is fine – just make sure it gets to the kitchen sink before you leave the house for the day. But if your dresser top is disappearing under a collection of used cups, dishes, and bowls, it’s time to confine eating to the dining room. Dirty dishes are not only eyesores, they also make your bedroom smell, add mold spores to the air and can attract insects.