We Love This, Looking for a Cute Way to Package Holiday Cookies?

Make Christmas Crackers!

Transform holiday cookies and candy into Christmas crackers for an extra festive touch. They’re perfect for gifting and make lovely party favors.


Stack this year’s holiday cookies and sweets inside store-bought clear tubes. They’re more affordable — and festive — than tins or plastic containers, and they’re also sturdier in transit than cellophane wrapping. Add some tissue or crepe paper and ribbon, and you’ve got Christmas crackers! Here’s what you need to make them, followed by our easy how-to.


  • Plastic tube
  • Cookies or candy
  • Tissue or crepe paper
  • Fast-drying glue, such as Magna-Tac
  • Ribbon


  1. Print clip-art bands, and cut out.
  1. Fill plastic tube with cookies or candy; place caps on ends.
  1. Cut a 4-by-12-inch piece of tissue or crepe paper. Apply glue around 1 end of tube, attach paper, and wrap around twice. Secure end of paper with a dot of glue. Repeat at other end.
  1. Using scissors, fringe paper ends. Gather with ribbon; tie.
  1. Glue clip art around tube so it covers where fringed paper was attached.